Wednesday 29 April 2020

Tanks and imperator rules for Adeptus Titanicus

Rules for imperator, and tank support. 
Tanks follow all the same rules of knight banners like 3" cohesion, shaken etc.
You can include two armoured support units for each maniple or lance in your army

- Baneblade and fellblade cost +10pts to pay for the demolisher cannon
-Ordinatus loses command center
-Legion tank company: add turret laser cannon (range 24", 1 dice, S 5)
40k era tanks 
-Macharius omega: plasma blastgun weapon for +10pts

Raid on Johannis

 On the frozen planet Johannis the traitors have established a base from where thay launch attacks against the loyalists redoubts spread around the globe; princeps Pentecost leds his redoutable Metalicas and allied Ordo Sinister to wipe out that stain from the ice wastes
 Loyalist objective is to destroy the forge fane in the center of the battlefield, Imperius Quintus makes an oportunity strike with its fist on an enemy torso, savaging it
 Imperius Damnatio opens up on the base with first fire
 The traitor knights charge princeps senioris Pentecost
 But before they can strke he wipes them out with a supercharged plasma cannon
 Quintus has a second go and crushes the enemy reactor in its fist, the titan dies down in a generator meltdown that damages grievously all surrounding titans and buildings
Finally Pentecost takes careful aim and blows up the forge fane with his plasma anihilator

Wednesday 22 April 2020

The Tarrakan Wastes

 Another Titanicus game, this tame in the ash desert outisde the hives
 The Devines are wiped out by volcano fire
 A lone imperial knight savages the torso of a warlord
 That loses its shields under loyalist fire
 A valiant charge sees the knight slicing the enemy torso with its reaper chainsword
 Only to be smashed underfoot
 Finally Imperius Tenebrus blows up the enemy plasma reactor
 Two Metalicas lose their shields, but their concentrated fire kills the enemy titan with the highest points value, thus winning the game for the imperials

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Battle for Hive Primus

 After securing a foothold in the jungle moon the Legio Metalica launched and invasion of the traitor held planet of Pouia, with the main forces meeting in battle on the primary hive.
De Bello Titanico
 Pentecost and the psi titan took down the shields of an enemy engine
 Meanwhile on the other flank Imperius Quintus and Damnatio blazed away at the foe over the buildings of the residental district
 Orientalis-Perseus destroyed a titan with the sinistramanus
 Quintus orders split fire, the gatling rips open an enemy warlord and the plasma cannon melts the traitor knights

 With quickening Perseus dodges the enemy missiles and destroys the enemy shields with its carapace bolters, finally a volley of both arm weapons kills the Mortis engine
With a lone titan left the traitors give up the game. Since in the campaign the traitors are only left with two engines versus the loyalist five we'll play some narrative games to round up the campaign.

Saturday 11 April 2020

Epic 40k: Horus Heresy

Some time ago I made some rules for heresy epic, recently one of the users of Tactical Command edited them in a sensible and nice format so I decided to have a go at a 2nd edition of the rules. Note that all superheavy tanks use the same criticals as the imperial guard baneblade and shadowsword.

-Note: both falchion and fellblade/glaive cost 140 pts

Thursday 9 April 2020

Battle for Polux

The start of the Great Heresy caught the bulk of Legio Metalica on their homeworld, there pinceps Maximus Pentecost was refitting his battlegroup after several deades spent at the forefront of the Crusade, toghether with a small detachemnt of the Ordo Sinister despatched under the writ of Terra. Such accumulation of strength could prove a major threat to the armies of Horus so he sent a force of the Legio Mortis to deal with them; however the traitors would find the iron heads far from easy prey.
De Bello Titanico 

The first titanicus campaign of this year takes place on the Metalica subsector, with the loyalists attacking the verdant moon that orbits the traitor base on the hiveworld Pouia
 Legio Metalica's ranks are bolstered by Orientalis-Perseus, a psi titan from the Ordo Sinister
 With first fire the loyalists open up, blasting some knights
 The last questoris is killed by plasma fire from Imperius Tenebrus
 That takes down the shields from the enemy warlord Abolitorus
 The traitor is blown to scrap, with Perseus delivering the killing stroke, engine kill!

 The loyalists then turn left to face down another Mortis engine
 On the other flank Calvaria and Imperius Quintus blow both their shields away, but with an aimed blast from its plasma anihilator Quintus sends the traitor falling in flames to the ground
 The psi titan strips shields and savages the enemy torso
 Finally princeps senioris Pentecost claims another kill with gatling and plasma fire
With Mortis savaged the traitors beat a hasty retreat
 The noose tightens around the traitors

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Admech Complex

 Raided the ole bits box to make some titanicus terrain, warlord for scale
 The hub is centered around an ornate forgefane

 A storage silo provides the complex with promethium for the machines or perhaps raw ore or agri-produce to be processed, it can also double up as terrain for Necromunda

 Smaller silo
 The crane is made from motley bits including space marine bike wheels, leman russ hook and even a terminator lead shoulderpad

 A landing pad, with hidraulic elevators lowering the cargo to ground level

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Showdown at cargo bay 27B

Proctor Dread, personal report
My lord marshal
As I was overseeing our takedown of the heretic mine I heard that our outpost at reactorville had been attacked again, luckily bunty hunter Alpha and a group of my best men where stationed there to bust the attack
 The criminals had also hired some thug-muscle, a certain Mando
 The bounter was quick to spot the attackers and blew up two with her bolt pistol

 Fire from an officer also cut down a smuggler
 However the hired muscle blazed into our ranks with a hand flamer, taking down Rollins
 Our hunter and the enemy witch battled it out
 It was inevitable that some zombies showed up from the depths of the wreck
 A sorcerous gout of fire saw Alpha rolling in the floor to extinguish the warp flames
 Guilder Sandra and her cronies sallied fowards from the control hub, taking down some perps
 Sadly her aide was killed by a hulking chaos brute
 The kingpin of sin was blasted by bolter fire from Carisi
 From the cover of a power exchanger my men fired into the smuggler scum, taking down one of the frakkheads
 That frakker, Mando, soon paid for his many crimes, killed by the same officer that had dispatched the enemy leader, he deserves a commendation and I reccomend him for the Medallion Helmawr
 Sandra was busy on the other side of the bay, taking down yet another mutie
 Some zombies reached our lines but we repelled them with ease
 The scummers soon lost the will to fight and made a run for it
We are the Law on the wasteland and these perps better believe it!
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