Wednesday 29 April 2020

Raid on Johannis

 On the frozen planet Johannis the traitors have established a base from where thay launch attacks against the loyalists redoubts spread around the globe; princeps Pentecost leds his redoutable Metalicas and allied Ordo Sinister to wipe out that stain from the ice wastes
 Loyalist objective is to destroy the forge fane in the center of the battlefield, Imperius Quintus makes an oportunity strike with its fist on an enemy torso, savaging it
 Imperius Damnatio opens up on the base with first fire
 The traitor knights charge princeps senioris Pentecost
 But before they can strke he wipes them out with a supercharged plasma cannon
 Quintus has a second go and crushes the enemy reactor in its fist, the titan dies down in a generator meltdown that damages grievously all surrounding titans and buildings
Finally Pentecost takes careful aim and blows up the forge fane with his plasma anihilator

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