Tuesday 19 March 2024

Cyberpunk crab turret


In the cyberpunk timeline technology has advanced a a breakneck pace, and all manner of cybernetic implants and robots populate the streets. Guardian drones are specially demanded by rich corporations and criminals alike, their formidable firepower and lack of morals a powerful asset in the year 2077
The model itself is again a 3D print from Papsikels, armed with two mini missile launchers
The paintjob is vaguely inspired in the Eva 02 of Evangelion, as I thought that a red scheme would work great with its vaguely crab shape
Armed in-game with two grenade launchers, heavy armour and a hard to beat programming, this robot will be the final boss for our next session

Monday 18 March 2024

Corporate guards


The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is controlled by big corporations who dominate everyday life with their products, marketing campaigns and their implacable private armies. Such protectors of late capitalism are elite troops armed with the latest "peacekeeping" tools produced by their corpo masters, and will be a tough opponents for the players of my RPG campaign.
The models themselves are police special forces from Papsikels, but given the lack of similarity with the boys in blue, I decided to use them as corporate security instead
For the paintjob I went with a sober, threatening scheme, a dark uniform that's a businesslike mix of medieval knight and imperial stormtrooper

Saturday 16 March 2024

Assault on Geonosis


Return to Geonosis. After the climatic battle that started the Clone Wars the separatists have retaken the planet of Geonosis and rekindled its countless droid factories, with the war on the verge of being lost Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi led and invasion to end this threat once and for all.
The Republic fleet exits hyperspace close to the planet, and comes under immediate fire from the heavy ion cannons of the separatist subjugator flagship
The seppies launch all, a massive wave of fighters, bombers and torpedoes heading for the republicans
With Geonosis as the target and minefields and asteroids blocking the path in the middle command decides on two flanking thrusts to invade the planet from both sides skirting the bulk of the enemy fleet
A cloud of assault boats cripples some weapons on a venator
But the clones answer in kind
Closer to the planet both fleets open fire with turbolasers and torpedoes

The subjugator keeps firing salvo after salvo, but there are too many destroyers to make it count
The clones instead concentrate all fire on a single vessel, blowing up a providence destroyer 

With the way ahead clear the venators make full speed for Geonosis
Landing the clone legions that will root out the separatist menace

Thursday 14 March 2024

Arasaka executive


This agent of Arasaka will be the objective for a critical game in our RPG campaign. The model is from Papikels and I painted him in the blacks and reds shown in the video game.

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Cyberpunk NPCs


Two filler characters to populate our cyberpunk bars and offices
First a slimeball looking guy inspired in the spanish comedy "Torrente"

The second miniature is a receptionist inspired on those golden girls of the Konpeki Plaza 

Monday 11 March 2024

The triumph of Redemption

And so it came, the final battle for the equatorial wastes. After Klovis' tour of faith across the wastes, all our foes had been routed or conquered, leaving only the venomous eschers to deal with.
That ragged, impudent, band of she-devils dared to assault the halls of the faith, invading the sacred land were our purging of the wastes had begun: the jardlan squat hold
But soon the crusade proved to them the error of their ways, setting their bodies on fire and sending their twisted souls to burn eternally before the fiery gaze of the Master of Mankind
Darting boldly from cover to cover zealots and templars moved forwards
And despite the desultory fire that came from the heretical ranks...
...we closed the distance and started scourging and purging with gun and eviscerator
As ever the Redeemer was in the thick of the fight, dispensing punishment first hand with his fabled Sword of Persecution
One by one the viragos were hunted down, not even their queen escaping from the blades of the faithful

And with a dismayed cry of fear the eschers quit the field, proving once more that only the warriors of the faith have the strength to endure the trials of Necromunda, a holy orb of industry which shall rise resplendent as a flawless jewel in the crown of our lord the Emperor 

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Cyberpunk SWAT


When the going gets tough for the beat cops, the BNPD calls on the elite: assault teams equipped with superior gear and with better training, that serve as the faceless fist of the law in the streets 
These guys from Papsikels complete my cyberpunk police roster with some nicely detailed models. For their paintjob I followed the same style as the regular joes, since they are both from the same police department (albeit with nicer gear and cool helmets)
Those perps that survive the onslaught will have it worse than their partners in crime, being dragged to the local precinct for a rough time of "questioning"
Chipped up and armed to the teeth, this squad will hopefully prove a formidable foe for my players

Sunday 3 March 2024

The redemption of Scavenger's Row

With the heretics on the back foot after their latest defeat, blessed Klovis led us into the goliath's last holdout on the equatorial wastes: the dingy settlement of Scavenger's Row
While the Pulpitek opened fire from the cover of some pipework, the rest of the crusade advanced by the right, in a flanking attack that would bring woe to the goliaths brutes
Stung by our holy fusillade, the sinners dared sally out against us
And ever valiant, Klovis instructed me to drive forwards to meet them in pitched battle
Fire and bullets rained on the blasphemous meatheads
Who after the losing their leader turned tail and fled, leaving that dusty road in the hands of the faithful