Monday 11 March 2024

The triumph of Redemption

And so it came, the final battle for the equatorial wastes. After Klovis' tour of faith across the wastes, all our foes had been routed or conquered, leaving only the venomous eschers to deal with.
That ragged, impudent, band of she-devils dared to assault the halls of the faith, invading the sacred land were our purging of the wastes had begun: the jardlan squat hold
But soon the crusade proved to them the error of their ways, setting their bodies on fire and sending their twisted souls to burn eternally before the fiery gaze of the Master of Mankind
Darting boldly from cover to cover zealots and templars moved forwards
And despite the desultory fire that came from the heretical ranks...
...we closed the distance and started scourging and purging with gun and eviscerator
As ever the Redeemer was in the thick of the fight, dispensing punishment first hand with his fabled Sword of Persecution
One by one the viragos were hunted down, not even their queen escaping from the blades of the faithful

And with a dismayed cry of fear the eschers quit the field, proving once more that only the warriors of the faith have the strength to endure the trials of Necromunda, a holy orb of industry which shall rise resplendent as a flawless jewel in the crown of our lord the Emperor 

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