Saturday 30 July 2022

The wasteland crusade: Redemption triumphant


And now I will tell the saga of how Kolvis, the Redeemer brought an end to the escher domination of the Slag Coast and expelled the heretics, mutants and deviants from this holy place of Necromunda
In his divine wisdom the Redeemer had decided to sprung an ambush on the horrid harridans, waiting for the right moment to launch the sacred onslaught of the faithful. The occasion presented itself when we heard that the heretics were stranded in the middle of the wastes due to a mechanical failure, no doubt a holy miracle of the Emperor that cursed their heinous conveyor of sin
In the middle of a furious ash storm we advanced into the fray, trading shots with the abominable foe as the Redeemer moved in closer for the kill
The craven deviants thought to hide behind some pipes, but by the grace of the Emperor the rest of the crusade showed up on their backs, punishing them rightfully 
And with flame and faith were their corrupt bodies cleansed of taint!
Riding on the tides of victory the Redeemer drove the blessed Pulpitek into the enemy, smashing apart their vessel of iniquity with the holy steel of faith
Even their reinforcements fell to the blades of the crusaders, that scourged them for their countless offences against the Master of Mankind

After destroying that vile chariot of damnation Klovis descended amongst his faithful, to dispense justice first hand with the Sword of Persecution
I also joined the fight, completing the encirclement of the miscreant rabble that dared to oppose His divine will
And my heart was filled with joy as I beheld corrupt nobles and narco scum alike engulfed in the flames of purity, a holy blaze that cleansed their fallible matter of sin, and sent their twisted souls into eternal torment at the hands of the Emperor's angels. Praise be!
Only the repulsive bounty hunter that had misguidedly sided with the escher filth withstood our fiery assault, but alone she could do little to turn the inevitable fate of all traitors
Who were duly rounded up and slaughtered for their unspeakable acts of heresy
With the eschers all but annihilated, Klovis climbed on their damaged transport, and at last broke their spirits blowing it up with a mighty slash of his holy eviscerator.

And lo behold! The heretics fled the Slag Coast leaving the wastes once more in the hands of the faithful, that had -through devotion and sacrifice- cleansed them of the taint of blasphemy, corruption, and the most heinous sin of deviation

Friday 22 July 2022

The Wasteland Crusade: on the warpath


After the righteous chastisement of the corrupt traders in sin and abomination the Redeemer took a well deserved rest to recover from his wounds while the faithful went on with the purging of the wasteland from gangs of perfidious heretics
The corrupt escher had been spreading their poison over the Slag Coast, but thanks to the Emperor the faithful crusaders of the Redemption were at hand to cleanse their evil from the land with faith and fury
Aboard a rusted contraption the idolatresses were driving all over the ash wastes, tainting the Emperor's flock with noxious drugs and unspeakable acts of sin
But praise be their reckoning was at hand, and the trusted allies of the church rained holy fire on their polluted forms, that soon were erased from the sight of the Master of Mankind
The vicious vixens tried to hide their shame from the righteous
Bit soon blessed flames descended on them erasing all sin in the purifying flames of the faithful
Inspired by the rout of the sinners the crusade charged on, smashing into them at full speed with the Pulpitek
And unleashing a holy inferno with their exterminators
The onslaught of the true believers soon scattered that ragged band of semi clad heretics
And even their apostate queen was felled by the trusty neddles of house Ulanti

Little by little the remaining harridans were rounded up and brought down
Until only the faithful stood triumphant on the sand blasted battlefield
Little availed them their unclean compacts with the renegades of Ko'Iron
Who were also judged and punished by the swords of the Redemption
And with the scourging flame of faith was their evil removed from the Warpath, that thus passed unto the hands of the faithful as a true pilgrim's way into this wasteland of sin and damnation

Saturday 16 July 2022

Wasteland Crusade: smugglers on the run


With the return of Klovis our holy crusade was back on track. After receiving the news that a band of rogue guilders has bypassed the main trade routes and had left the protection of House Helmawr we launched a punitive raid to intercept their convoy and relieve them of their ill gotten wealth, that would be purified and put to good use by the church 
An armoured carrier was our target, protected by two ash runners 
It was then when we neared our prey that Klovis spotted another vehicle, the impudent eschers were also closing on the smugglers to get their sinful hand on the Redemption's blessed bounty
Fearless as ever the Redeemer pushed the throttle of the Pulpitek, challenging the harridants to a race for the prize
Fire rained on the corrupt vehicle of sin, blowing its engine and scattering the cargo in all directions
Eager to earn my master's appreciation I jumped from our armoured temple racing for the loot
Only to be felled by cowardly fire from the she-devils
The Redeemer was quick to avenge such slight, taking the Pulpiteck straight into the foe and ordering holy fire to be unleashed on the idolatresses 
He joined his crusaders in holy slaughter, but the plasma pistol he was wielding betrayed him badly burning his blessed hand
Deacon Deza engaged the foe to win time for the rest of the crusade
That punished the escher with flame and bullet until their band was left in tatters
And with blessed flames were their sinful bodies purged of evil and wickedness, praise be!
After basking in the fiery sun of Redemption the heretics had their fill of deserved punishment, and having recovered one of the crates they turned tail and fled, leaving the field in the hands of the pious

Monday 11 July 2022

Wastelaland Crusade: the rad road


In the name of the Inmortal God Emperor I retake the tale of Klovis' glorious crusade to rid the Slag Coast of heretics and deviants. While my mentor meditated on the misteries of the faith it fell to me to shoulder the burden of our righteous faith, and aboard the Pulpitek I took the flaming sword of the Redemption on the chaos filth that was encroaching on the Skinflake Stretch.
A terrible storm was brewing in the horizon, but trusting in the Master of Mankind we entered the dust clouds eager to punish the mutant rabble for their countless sins 
The donations of the faithful an the patronage of house Ulanti had provided the church with some material means, that the Redeemer used to purchase the fickle loyalty of the bounty hunter known as Alpha, a valuable asset of the crusade that had helped us in many a battle
We caught the heretics on a ramshackle settlement, and we sprang quickly into action to defend the Emperor's flock from the corrupting touch of the miscreants
Alas despite all her skills our sellsword was felled by a gout of corrupt flame, lacking in faith she was engulfed by the fire and rolled in the ground far from the gaze of Our Lord
And lo behold, the faithful stepped forwards and returned the favour on the mutant degenerates, bathing them in the flames of faith for their effrontery
By then I had driven skillfully the Pulpitek trough several toxic pools (as my beloved Redeemer had taught me) and we unleashed the full fury of the redemption on the chaos scum that cowered behind some rocks in their cowardice and terror
Lady Adriana and her bodyguard took the chance to disembark and take out some cultist with precise shots of their neddle pistols, aide no doubt by the beneficent hand of the Emperor
Alpha was still rolling in the ground trying to douse the flames that surrounded her, truly feeble is the endurance of the faithless!
Having disposed of the heretics in front of us I turned our holy purging machine  to the left and the brethren rained fire on the mutant rabble, sending many to an afterlife of well deserved torment
The Ulanti ladies sweeped the last resistanc eon the rocky outcrop
Our forces in the shantytown ere suffering the concetrated attack of the heretical filth, but with a prayer on their lips they spent their last breath to throw themselves at the foe in a blaze of glory
Full of righteous vengeance we advanced into the town, blasting left and right with heavy stubbers, shotguns and autoguns, sending the sinner mob running for cover
I crashed the Pulpitek into a gap on their defences while the templars of the crusade unloaded their exterminators into the corrupt bodies of the apostate trash
It was then than in a last, futile attempt at reversing their inevitable fate a tainted matriarch of house Ko'Iron charged brother Kiodrus, that by the grace of the Emperor was spared from all, harm, praise be!
The Faceless was quick to answer to such challenge, and raising high a chainsword blazing with the divine fire of the master of Mankind brought the heretical viper low
With her fall the heretics lost hear and routed from the field
And so the day wa won for the redemption and our most Holy Lord in Terra. 
¡Glory be!