Saturday 10 September 2016

Battle on Sixty-three-thirteen

 During the great crusade not all human cultures accepted the nascent Imperium with open arms and many resisted. Such was the case of Sixty-three-thirteen where Horus Lupercal himself led his sons in bloody battle.
Facing off against Imperial Guard, purge the alien mission with initiative to me.
 My two vanquishers did little damage and the the guard opened up
 The wyverns killed all the militia
 And Pask's punisher the heavy support squad
 Revenge time! Horus drops and blows up Pask and the punisher of the other tank
 The guard made  a kill box and a heated disussion ensued about if the tanks could instantly kill a unit with tank shock.
 In the end he just shot killing all the termis

 Horus then spent most of the game wrecking tanks while the vets attacked by the flank

 Bum! all the vets gone to guard's guns
 The command squad spotter killed one vanquisher

 My librarian blew his brains out when he could just have killed those vets in hand to hand

 After suffering from the guard's flashlights (!) Horus decided to get into combat to avoid death
And so the battle ended, defeated 7-8 by a skillful guard player.

First 40k defeat of the year, never taking that crappy militia again ;).
It's good to see thow the guard codex has improved from 5th, now you can make massive fearless squads merging a platoon and adding a priest, Pask also grants his squadron +1 HP wich the heresy marines can also do with vindicators (a good future investement). My SoH lack antitank right now so I should ally them more often with Imperial Fists.

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