Wednesday 31 October 2018


 This week I'm taking a small break from titanicus to host a Halloween game, I needed some ghouls to reinforce an undead warband for Mordheim, my good friend Albert lent me these guys and even let me paint them! He also provided the rulebook, much appreciated.
  The two in the left are old GW leads, quite Nosferatuesque, the rest are from an unknown brand and are full of detail and character,
 I went with a sickly pale skin, not yet white since these guys are more or less alive

 Individual closeups, beginning by ghoulette

 Put some rust effects in the sickle

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Schwarzenberg Ulhans

 There has been a long drought in napoleonics or historicals in general this year. I have had some real life problems and that threw off my mojo from non 40k stuff. However since the most visited posts of the year are those from the Waterloo campaign, I've decided to put some love back on the period and so I'm doing some austrian units for Austerlitz. Once those are done we'll see...
These ulhans have top fashion sense with contrasting red and green combined by complementary yellow. The actual models are polish lancers from the garde, so uniform is not 100 accurate, they have much more bling this way so I don't care.

Saturday 27 October 2018

Genericus the techmarine

 This techmarine is made from a lead devastator from 2nd edition, the powerfist comes from the betrayal at calth MKIV marines and the backpack was taken from the old lead enginseer. I decided to paint him in a neutral mechanicus scheme so he can be used with any chapter. The armour was drybrushed, a faster technique than highlighting and one that I'm keen to try again.
 The yellow cog is from the knight errant transfer sheet while the mechanicum skull is made from two skulls from the leman rus sheet

 I've also added some transfers to Imperius Tenebrus to reinforce her role of command titan

And of course the weekly virgin vs Chad meme

Friday 26 October 2018

Sport of kings: new maps

Maps for possible campaigns, balanced deployment instead of strictly historical

Void Crusaders

 Two more devastators to complete my spearhead detachment

Painting has improved, basing too?

Lander's hope

 With the shift of the war displaced to Maerdan itself the loyalists launched an attack on the central Agrology in order to gain the central position and strike freely against the traitors. Both legios clashed in the small farming comunity of Lander's Hope.
 The loyalists got the rescue the crew (red marker) objective while the traitors had to extract a cargo by the opposing board edge
 The crew waiting to be rescued
 Imperius Galgamech rushes to the rescue
 The traitors failed their shield saves with apalling rolls
 A lone warlord speds into the Legio Metalica zone, is the cargo inside?
 Another Mortis retreats backwards, a devious tactic?
 The crew is safely aboard
 Princeps Seniores Pentecost calls for a nuclear missile from the nearby moon, but it falls far from target and straight into Galgamech, the shields hold however
Anticipating the Mortis engine's move, both warlords aim to the place where she will be
Imperius Quintus charges an enemy engine
While Galgamech flees with the crew

Imperius Damnatio destroys her target aiming at the weak rear armur
The titan stumbles and falls
Quintus and Manus Mortis trade shots and swipes, ending with their torsos crippled
Now all Metalica engines turn to aim at the left flank
Galgamech secures the crew
The Mortis titan with the cargo nears the exit, all Metalicas fire and almost bring her down

The cargo is secured
Another titan gets into the deployment zone
Manus Mortis is destroyed by Imperius Quintus during the last combat phase
With the 6th turn over we count up VP and the imperials win 28 to 25, a close run thing!
Updated map: loyalists 2, traitors 0