Sunday 27 November 2016

Assault on Osgiliath

 A lord of the rings game this weekend, both sides have the same points but the gondorians are divided between a vanguard and the rearguard. The orcs won thanks to killing first the vanguard and then attacking the rest until they reduced the opponents below 50% manpower.

Saturday 26 November 2016

War on Murder

 Amongst the most famous battles of the late Crusade is the War on Murder, where Horus Lupercal and his brother Sanguinius brought the Emperor's light to the xenos species known as megarachnids. The remembrancers were delighted in capturing the two brothers fighting side by side as an ideal of Unification on numerous works of art, an irony looking upon what was to come.
What is not so well known is that the campaign began badly with a force of Blood Angels exterminated on the planet, and another of Emperor's Children suffering almost the same fate; a warning about the dangers of hubris and overcomfidence, sins that could fell even an astartes.
 Megarachnids (tyranids) ahoy!
 Horus and termies drop and kill a tyranid beast
 Massive clash between hormagaunts and culstists, the later would eventually die, but not before tarpiting the gaunts for several turns

 Swarmlord and stealers charging Horus & retinue

 A swarm of mantifexs choose a bad place to emerge, next to my contemptor!

 The termis died eventually, leaving the Warmaster on his own
 The vets appeared and anihilated a unit of warriors in two turns of shooting

 The nid numbers began to tell and Horus recieved four injuries
 With the help of some cultists he killed the swarmlord and finished off the stealers

 Coming to the brink of death tho
 The contemptor killed and routed the mantifexses after two turns of doing nothing
 Almost died! As always...
With that the battle came to an end, I won 6-3. If the tyranid player just had another unit he could have captured all objectives and won with at least 7 points.

I'm a bit tired of playing with Horus, I've recently got Fulgrim and would like to play with him next month. After two games I can say that if I was a tyranid player I would put only stealers as troops with exocrines for shooting and the flying monster with the haywire missiles for antintank, swarmlord for HQ. Flying circus is all good and well but has no secured objective.

Tuesday 22 November 2016

3rd custodian squad

 Finished a spear armed squad

 The cloaks read: nothing, no one can hide from our sight, which never rests

 Shield captain
 Did I leave the cogitator with the Sisters of Silence pict-captures on?
 Rest of the closeups

 This is my "Emperor's Household" army right now, should ascend to 1k points, leaving 500 for if/when the big guy gets rules. Problem with them is that since they're proxies and nowadays I only play in GW's the chances of having a game with them are equal to zero. 
Oh well they were nice models to paint and looked good!

Sunday 20 November 2016

Battle of the Kanavagan

 Summer 1775: the british recruit reinforcements in New England and Bengal, while launching a ship of the line in Portsmouth: The americans can do little but save money for now.
 The new bengal army marches into the Mahrattan territory, while in America Lord Howe attacks Philadelphia and Washington the Ohio Valley.
  Burgoyne leads a bloodless camapign of conquest, bagging another territory for the East India Company, the locals are so impressed that join him, adding 1 SP to his force. This addition brings the total output from India to 5 tricornes, enough to recruit a batallion per turn. I'll leave then the company to its own business since their conquest of the subcontinent feeds itself.
 We rolled for the two american battles, and Washington got to go first. The english had luck with the random scenario and turned a river crossing into a fortified nightmare for the attackers. A field hampered the advance on one bridge, while the other was overwatched by a village and a redoubt.
 The redcoats await confidently behind the Kanavagan river

 The advancing columns soon were raked by cannonballs
 Soon to be answered by a furious bombardment of the village by american guns
 The mounted militia marched to the bridge
 Then dismounted to fire better
 The first unit to rout was one of continentals under concentrated fire
 The mounted militia was surviving miraculously under a tremendous crossfire
 Then the red line parted and the cav stormed through
 The milita killed some of the riders but broke under hessian fire
 The other bridge saw massed charges of americans during all day
 But the position became a conveyor belt of death under british guns and muskets
 The cavalry crossed the Kanavagan, followed by infantry support
 The americans were not without reserves, and another unit of mounted milita appeared, running on foot to join the battle
 The american center squared up
 While the redcoat dragoons fanned out
 Seeing the battle lost, Washington ordered a general retereat, leaving a poor unit of continentals in the village bridge to act as forlorn rearguard
 The grenadiers soon charged and scattered such nuisance, then persecuting the retreating milita across the river

The dragoons dismounted, since the field wasn't ideal terrain for cavalry fighting
The battle came to and end with the americans bloodied but unbroken. Washington lost four batallions while George III none.
Updated map with the american losses, another battle will be fought here since the result was a draw. The british will have to play more aggressively, to kill some rebels before they retreat back again to their capital.

Frankly, the british had their work cut out for them since it's very hard (or impossible) to dislodge a defender entrenched behind an impassable river through only two narrow bridges.