Sunday 31 August 2014

Ork battleship

 Built with drinking straws, foamboard, the front of the snotling pump wagon and a random rocket.
I'll use it as the diverse ork battleships with name that took part in the war for Armageddon.

The pirate flag waves in space

 Following on BFG we have the scratchbuilt space hulk! thanks to a friend that passed me lots of juicy epic and 40k bits such as motors and towers i was able to create this monster by zero euros discounting the glue and paints of course.
I've named it Orkadia after the captain Harlock's series and'll have a decisive part in the upcoming third war for Armageddon.

da dakka!
 da bridgez

 da thrustas
 da launchin padz
 an da flag!
captin Harlork is ready to invade the Armageddon system (found the pic in internat by the way)

Imperial merchant fleet

 The merchant transports in BFG can be used in some scenarios such as planetary assault or protect the convoy. They come for free and your main concern in those scenarios is to destroy or protect them, since they are essencial for the sucess of the mission. They bring a refreshing new element to your battles, and you can always scratchbuild them with spares from your cruisers!

Battlefleet gothic frigates

 The drakos squadron

Saturday 30 August 2014

Kislev cup final, first half

The play jumped from one edge of the pitch to the other, until a lone skink managed to score at the end of the first half. The orcs'll have to even the result with the advantatge of a saurus expelled from the game.