Thursday 24 October 2019

Battle of mount Ararat

 Bagration attacks the great vizier in Armenia
 The russian masses advance steadily

 And soon the sipahi are routed by cuirassiers

 The guns open a deadly fire on the village
 However an infantry unit is routed by enemy fire
 The cuirassiers keep on with their stellar charge, destroying the enemy artillery
 And wounding the ottoman general
 Out of the swamp the russians advance on the enemy
 The now empty village is soon overtaken
In the left flank a lengthy melee ends favourably for the russians
A costly victory! Bagration is killed heading the charge
 The cuirassiers kill yet another unit
 After routing the hussars the kapikulu charge the grenadiers, and are pushed back
 Repositioned guns destroy yet another ottoman unit
However time has run out and the steadfast turks repulse the orthodox invasion
 After having played the agreed number of games we have concluded the campaign here, the allies have won by quite a margin and are well placed to menace the capitals of the napoleonic empire.


  1. Epique! Terrain et figurines sont magnifiques!

  2. Yet another beaut looking game Francesc and more of the wonderful snow terrain. Simple and effective is the way to go in my book. We've had some great snow games simply using sheets of polystyrene foam.

  3. Yep it's easy & effective. Our next campaign will take place on somewhere more calid...Egypt