Tuesday 16 April 2024

The eastgate garrison


Well trained and equipped by the rich burgers of Altdorf, the harquebusier regiments of the city are among the best missile troops of the Old World. In peacetime these soldiers take charge of the walls and gates of the imperial capital, and when the nation calls, they provide a lethal curtain of fire that mows down the invaders and foul creatures that threaten the Empire
These 6th edition models hold a special place in my heart, being the first wargaming minis that I owned after my dad bought me the starter box back in 2000. Back then I painted them in a weird grey-red scheme, but after so many years it's good to be able to do these Perry sculpts some justice
The unit is led by a marksman equipped with a Hochland long rifle, a quite simple conversion made by trimming off the cannon and replacing it with a rod of the artillery crew, the telescopic sight came from one of the primaris marines
Painting was done as usual with a drybrush of red/blue followed by detailing and inks

After assembling the main ten man unit I had four spare harquebuisers that I organized into a small detachment for the spearmen , giving them the same feathers to keep some uniformity

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