Saturday 20 April 2024

The droid factory


Battle for the heart of Geonosis! After their successful landings on the red planet, the forces of the Republic are again on the offensive, assaulting the many factories that produce the numberless droid hordes of the separatist alliance
First into the fray are the ARC troopers, who open fire on Grievous before jumping back into cover
The AT-RT joins the blast fest taking some wounds off Dooku, who has advanced recklessly ahead of his droid cohorts
Kenobi dodges and then jumps into the midst of the seppie lines
Engaging Ventress in a duel that quickly goes wrong for the jedi
Meanwhile most of the clone have been targeting Dooku, who is one wound away from dying
Meanwhile on the right, Anakin goes up against a battered Grievous
All alone Kenobi falls to Tyranus' apprentice
But the sith lord falls in turn to ARC fire
And Anakin cuts the evil cyborg in half
This seals the game, with the clankers bereft of leadership and their units badly wounded

The Republic claims victory two objectives to none

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