Friday 12 April 2024

Hoch und Burgmeister regiment


One of the oldest and most celebrated spearmen regiments from the city-state of Altdorf, the Hoch und Burgmeister is raised by the state to serve in the protection of the Empire and its capital, often serving on the Emperor's expeditions abroad. Throughout its history the unit has fought in the vampire and chaos wars, participating in the defeat of Archaon during the siege of Middenheim and covering themselves in glory in many lesser conflicts.
As befits a regiment funded by this rich merchant city, the regiment wears a splendid uniform made from the finest thread and richly decorated with weathers and gold embossery
Many are those who volunteer for service in such an august unit, but the city council only chooses the best of the best, forming an elite unit than in peace time serves as the burgmeister's palace guard
The banner was hand painted, drawing first the outline of the lion and then filling the shape up. I wasn't sold on the ink stains on the gold so I've repainted them over.
To paint them i used my old Altdorf recipe of painting first the red and blue areas before drybrushing them with a clearer colour. Then I painted all the non metallic ares with gold and steel left for last. Several localized ink washes were the final touch.