Saturday 12 May 2018

Battle for Golgoth

 The third game in the campaign takes part in the world of Golgoth, where the Imperial Navy launches a planetary invasion
 First blood goes to the orks, who blow up a frigate with the hulk's lances
 The imperials advance steadily, screening the line with torpedoes and bombers
 The ork craft also attacks valiantly
 The last frigate manages to survive a bombing run
 Two squadrons finish off a striken rok

 The imperials cut the ork line, laying a curtain of fire with their broadsides
 Two sucessive waves of bombers destroy one rok, while another is reduced to mineral chunks by the batteries of the battleship Sebastian Thor

 A lone squadron attacks and destroys the frigate
 The dominator class cruiser is beset by boarding parties, but her nova cannon remains unscathced
 After punching a gap in the ork defence the fleet heads for the planet
 The torpedoes of the Thor slam into a rok
 Destroying the makeshift contraption
 Badly damaged, the dominator disengages
 The Thor is the first to enter the atmosphere and begin landing operations
Without any way to prevent the landing the oks give up on the battle
The Navy then seizes the planet Golgoth. The renown of both admirals decides who wins the campaign, and with a gaping difference of 22, the ork player decided to concede.


  1. Toujours aussi impressionnant ces vaisseaux spatiaux, planète, astéroïdes et fumée...beau spectacle!