Saturday 26 May 2018

Baruk Khazâd

 A group of orcs have ambushed a dwarf party during the night and killed them all. Upon hearing of the attack, king Dain sallies forth from Erebor hell bent on vengence, ambushing the orcs in a wood.
A straightforward bash: you must reduce the enemy to a quarter of its starting number to win.
 The orcs go for the group near the hill, the dangerous Dain is in the other group, a no brainer choice
 The superior movement rate of the evil minions allows them to surround the dwarfs with ease
 The beardlings start to fall
 A troll crashes into the beleguarded dwarfs for extra mayheim
 The survivors retreat skirting the edge of the wood
 But the orcs catch up
 Meanwhile the other group has been advancing sluggishly under missile fire
With the first group badly mauled, the light decides to call it a day


  1. Belles figurines et beau terrain, j'aime beaucoup l'allure des arbres...

  2. merci, il fa ajouter un peau des roches a mon avis