Wednesday 2 May 2018

The defence of Meloch

 Another BFG game, this time a fleet engagement with the orks invading the Meloch system
 The Sebastian Thor leads the imperial defenders, pumping out waves of bombers
  A disappointing torpedo salvo only causes one damage out of a possible nine
 The Revenger is crippled by enemy fightas
 Tettering on the brink after a bombing run, this rok is destroyed by a lone squadron

 The Thor veers to starboard and despatches another with contemptuous ease

 Another rok dies to bombers
 However frigate squadron Hades breathes its last under massed gunfire
 Revenger is in bad shape after this attack
 She is even hit by torpedoes, that luckily fail to hit
 Another bomber wave rips appart this rok

The second dictator, Imperial Peace, is also crippled by bombers.
At this point the ork player becomes a bit nervous wathcing his hulk go straight for the planet and breaks it during the move, ending thus the battle
The map remains the same and the hulk hits the reapiring docks