Saturday 19 May 2018

Murin's fate

The dwarf king Murin is coming to the aid of his brethen in the Lonely Mountain; unsettled by the Mirkwood, he decides to skirt its northern edge. It is then that his party is attacked by a band of orcs from the Ered Mithrin, the stalwart dwarves climb to a hill and prepare to sell their lives dearly, but then a company of wood elves comes to the rescue from the edge of the wood.
 The light will win if Murin exits by the opposite board
 The darkness only has to kill the king

 Battle starts with the orcs sprinting forward
 The cave troll charges over the slope
 Causing mayheim
 The line of dwarves is swamped by the evil mass, the survivors retreating uphill
 Lone dwarves are surrounded and killed
Murin's last stand is ultimately doomed, and the darkness emerges triumphant


  1. Une difficile journée pour Murin, l'ennemi était trop fort...splendides figurines!

  2. Il y avait trop d'orcs pour lui

  3. It is the epic and glorious Death that any defeated Dwarf King would wish..
    Nice report!