Saturday 25 July 2020

Astorum Battle Titans

 More reavers fresh from the forges, these great 3D models round off nicely the Warp Runners battlegroup
 Rex Caelestis is the engine of princeps majoris Miko, an experienced pilot eager to make the traitors pay for the death of her parents. The paint scheme is based on "Praetorian" the command engine during the siege of Vraks
 Miko proudly wears the imperialis on her weapon armour, devoting every shot to vengeange in service of the Emperor

The Lucius L is freehand with a skull decal
 Luna Luctifica is the ride of the impulsive Raleigh Becket, a showy pilot that eschews more tactically sound weapons if favour of a gigantic volcano cannon and a titanic powerfist. He has had his share of run-ins with legio command but his loyalty is beyond doubt, a quality sadly lacking in this Age of Darkness. I've used Betrayal at Calth decals for it and they look great
This model is also an obvious homage to this classic artwork from back in the day

 The complete Legio Astorum posing for an obligatory Vraks shot
 I've also done two fellblades due to the old man's constant grumbling about "being undergunned"
 Superheavy squadron
 A nice piece of forgeworld terrain made with spares

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