Wednesday 1 July 2020

Battle of the Khedive

Another titanicus campaign, this time in the war wracked planet of Tallarn, after the initial campaign games the traitors have been boxed in around the sightless warren, an attempt to break out crashes against the solid imperial defence in the Khedive plains
 Legio Astorum takes to the field against Mortis
 The warp runners' objective is to rescue a stranded crew in the middle of no man's land
 Two warhounds rush forwards...
 ...and the crew mounts in
 An enemy titan valiantly charges forwards but is destroyed
 While the warhound with the objective falls back under fire from the fellblade
 Mortis had to exit the board with a vital cargo, but the warlord was cut down by crossfire
 With all the enemy engines dead Astorum claims a hard fough victory
The only surviving traitor, a battered Iron Warriors fellblade retreats from the field

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