Saturday 25 July 2020

Machinator Yards

 With the Sapphire City in loyalist hands the heretics mount a counterattack
 Astorum's objective is to recover some crew stranded in the middle of no man's land, a squadron of warhounds quickly rushes to the location
 The Iron Warrior tanks are blown up by concentrated fire
 While the crew climbs safely aboard Magister Astrarum
 Another traitor titan is destroyed by Rex Caelestis
 Overview mid battle
 In the left Equinox has flanked the enemy while princeps Becket smashes his fist into the foe
 Finally fire from Equinox kills off the massive Warlord
 The enemy princeps seniores is cut down by fire from no less than three titans
Magister exits the board with the prize sealing the deal

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