Monday 13 May 2024

The defence of Quinx


A sector embattled! As the forces of the Emperor weather the storm of Abbadon's Thirteen black crusade at the Cadian Gate, a deadly war is waged in the far Scarus Sector, where the heretics have captured the forgeworld of Mordax Prime and threaten to take over all of the imperial holdings
Defiant from their seat of Nysa Stromlo, the Black Templars and their allies fight back the endless tide of blasphemous traitors, and battle is joined over Quinx when the imperials detect a heretic fleet entering the system led by the fearsome Planet Killer
The scenario rolled was a straight up fight without any objectives, both fleets squared up and the game began with the Black Templars seizing the initiative
Wary of the power of the Planet Killer, the imperilas deploy in two columns, that close rapidly on the enemy with full speed ahead

The imperial offensive is spearheaded by the thunderhawks, who after wiping out the enemy craft start delivering boarding parties to the chaos vessels
With weapons in range the templar strike cruisers open fire with broadsides and bombardment cannons
While the knights of Dorn set charges in the the generatorum of an enemy cruiser and blow up the vessel in a massive plasma ball
All doesn't go like a breeze for the imperials tough...
...and a single torpedo explodes within the Battlebarge's ammo store crippling the vessel instantly!
With damage suffered by both sides the battle now takes a more cautious turn, with the fleets maneuvering into the ideal combat position before committing to a fight
Both flagships trade fire across some gas nebulas
While the strike cruisers go round the formidable chaos battleship
With most of their weapons out of commission the chaos vessels are easy prey for the templars, who finish off the stricken cruisers with lances, bombardment turrets and macrocannons
Revenge is obtained in blood when one of the templar shells lands on an enemy shell magazine, and a fenomenal explosion rips the warship apart leaving it as a burning hulk!
With only the Planet Killer left, the chaos admiral decides that prudence is the better part of valor and jumps to the warp, leaving the Quinx system safely in imperial hands

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