Wednesday 1 May 2024

Reiter Freikorps


Despite being a merchant city Altdorf is not without its nobility, but given that the aristocrats of Reikland prefer to enter into one of the knightly orders such as the Reiksguard or the Knight Griffon, the city has had to become creative to get its own heavy cavalry force, opening the gates to adventurers and exiled knights from all over the Old World to the Freikorps cavalry squadrons. While not as august as the templar brethren, these riders know their trade, and many a battle has been won by the ferocious charge of these veteran mercenary warriors.
Models are again from battlemasters, mixing both flavours of knights with the imperial warhorse miniature to get a more varied look in the unit

Proudly dressed in the blue and gold of Altdorf, the Freikorps rides to war

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