Sunday 10 September 2023

Battle of Almansa 1707


After the successful rising of the crown of Aragon in 1705 the cause of Philip V in Spain has received a severe blow, but the bourbons have amassed a huge army and give battle to the allies when they invade Castilla la Mancha  in april 1707
The spanish and french regiments outnumber easily the foe, and marshal Berwick advances confidently 

The allies respond launching their cavalry forwards
Which is met by bourbon squadrons formed in line
Meanwhile the allied center fans out to form a gunline

After a first dragoon clash on the right the british riders move behind the bourbons
In the center things have escalated also, with a mass of spanish infantry charging the thin red line
Next to them an austrian division is charged by the french
In the forest of the extreme left an indecisive melee has started, these two units would keep pushing back and forth during the whole game with no one coming on top
Back at the allied center the french dragoons have been repulsed by musket volleys and cold steel
But their british comrades are overwhelmed by twice the number of spanish

Sadly in this combat the brilliant Berwick is killed while leading from the front
In the allied rear a dutch regiment is caught in line by cavalry and cut to pieces
Menaced by the enemy riders the austrians form square
In the bourbon lines the artillery has advanced too recklessly and is wiped out by canister fire
Paltry losses compared with the destruction visited on the allies, who lose two units in a single turn

The bourbons have conquered the center, but on the flanks things aren't so clear
With the british dragoons dodging the enemy cavalry
The bourbons form squares and charge the last imperial division
But are repelled and sabred by the british while fleeing
Alas the enemy numbers are too much for the germans and they are wiped out by the spanish 
The british keep with their glorious charge routing a unit of french dragoons
But in turn they are caught on the rear by their pursuers and also destroyed
And at last, in the final turn of the battle the allies fail their morale check and abandon the battlefield

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