Tuesday 19 September 2023

Desert war

After the last rebel victory, the battle for the galaxy takes us to a desertic and heavily industrialized planet, where our brave freedom fighters clash with the tyrannical emperor and his apprentice
The two jedi charge into their foes
Causing devastating losses on the dark siders
The emperor isn't a slouch either, vaporizing a squad of rebels with his sith lightning
The scout bikes blast some rebels, but are then totaled by massed fire
On the other side of the battlefield, the mandalorians have seized the high ground, and maul the ATST with rockets and Westar-35 pistols
The shaky walker is shortly cut down by Luke
Who piles in on the big duel between Ahsoka and Vader
The last turn has come, and the rebels outnumber the imps on one objective
Holding easily the other two with the mando resistance