Tuesday 26 September 2023

Geralt & Ciri


I wasn't much of a Witcher fun until I started playing Wild Hunt, and while the gameplay has some issues, the graphics and the story are pretty engaging. Also given that everyone is dressed in tudor era clothes it was like playing in the Warhammer Fantasy world. Nowadays there's a wealth of 3D models and printers so I grabbed Geralt and Ciri from my local dealer to play some Mordheim. Yennefer will join them shortly, plus some other characters to form a witcher (Middenheim) warband!
From their fortress in the Middle Mountains the Imperial Order of Beast Hunters has been the bane of many fell terrors that have threatened the Empire. Now, with the rampant mutations created by the warpstone comet that has flattened Mordheim, and with the vampire counts on the rise, they have more work than ever; and they take to the wildands to slaughter the monstrous creatures.. for a price
Gerhart of Reikvia is a veteran member of the order, and a capable warrior both at ranged and close quarters, like most knight of the order he's armed with a pair of mastercrafted swords and a crossbow

His daughter Christa, or Cristi for friends, is a more novice member of the team, but still a fearsome monster hunter thanks to the magic potions that hunters of the order drink to bolster their strength

Finally a closeup of their bases

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