Thursday 21 September 2023

Tanai death cult assassin


Tanai is a member of the Blessed Cut, a death cult based on the Temenos hive of Necromunda. The cult pays fealty to the planet's cardinal and works as his hidden arm in the shadows eliminating the enemies of the church, complementing the more visible sword of the battle sisters of  the Bloody Rose order. Its members are all orphaned girls, left at the gates of its murder fane on the northern spire and raised through a series of vicious trials that culminate in the Blooding: a rite through which the trainee must bring the head of a chosen heretic to the monastery in order to become one of its assassins. Unlike more primitive assassins from feral planets, the Blessed Cut doesn't eschew the use of firearms, its agents wielding all kinds of pistols together with their consecrated powerblades. The cult also makes extensive use of drugs like frenzon and slaught; all its members carrying an injector rig on their backs to give them an extra kick in combat.
The tight bodysuit worn by Tanai is actually a sophisticated model of light armor that also includes life support systems and a heat regulating surface
Members of the cult are renowned for being extraordinarily quick and agile, able to evade even gunshots with surprising swiftness
Most assassins of the cult prefer close ranged firearms such as hand flamers and pistols, all of surpassing quality and craftsmanship
In recent times the cult has been working with several redemptionist bands following the increasingly radical leanings of cardinal Ahrmund

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