Sunday 25 September 2022

Siege of Helm's Deep


This year's LoTR campaign takes place in the embattled land of Rohan. Isengard's forces have carried all before them and now they crash like waves on the rock of the Hornburg
Orcs, Uruks and even a troll assault the walls
Manned by the valiant men of Rohan led by their king
And some last minute allies
The forces of evil move forwards under a storm of arrows
Aragorn takes aim...
... and blows a blasting charge after spending all his might points
On the other side of the fortress the uruks have reached the walls and raise their siege ladders
Followed by the mass of orcs in the Deeping Wall
The attack is relentless, with a party of uruks assaulting the gate with a battering ram
Aragorn moves to the Hornburg while the ladders are thrown down and keep rising up
The ram has reached the gate, but it's too solid to break yet
Gimli uses a might point to cast down the ladders with a heroic move
Aragorn doing likewise in the main keep
But the orcs are stubborn, and they begin to climb regardless
However all the evil warriors that manage to reach the top are pushed down to their deaths
And the battle ends with the Hornburg safely in Rohan hands

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