Saturday 30 July 2022

The wasteland crusade: Redemption triumphant


And now I will tell the saga of how Kolvis, the Redeemer brought an end to the escher domination of the Slag Coast and expelled the heretics, mutants and deviants from this holy place of Necromunda
In his divine wisdom the Redeemer had decided to sprung an ambush on the horrid harridans, waiting for the right moment to launch the sacred onslaught of the faithful. The occasion presented itself when we heard that the heretics were stranded in the middle of the wastes due to a mechanical failure, no doubt a holy miracle of the Emperor that cursed their heinous conveyor of sin
In the middle of a furious ash storm we advanced into the fray, trading shots with the abominable foe as the Redeemer moved in closer for the kill
The craven deviants thought to hide behind some pipes, but by the grace of the Emperor the rest of the crusade showed up on their backs, punishing them rightfully 
And with flame and faith were their corrupt bodies cleansed of taint!
Riding on the tides of victory the Redeemer drove the blessed Pulpitek into the enemy, smashing apart their vessel of iniquity with the holy steel of faith
Even their reinforcements fell to the blades of the crusaders, that scourged them for their countless offences against the Master of Mankind

After destroying that vile chariot of damnation Klovis descended amongst his faithful, to dispense justice first hand with the Sword of Persecution
I also joined the fight, completing the encirclement of the miscreant rabble that dared to oppose His divine will
And my heart was filled with joy as I beheld corrupt nobles and narco scum alike engulfed in the flames of purity, a holy blaze that cleansed their fallible matter of sin, and sent their twisted souls into eternal torment at the hands of the Emperor's angels. Praise be!
Only the repulsive bounty hunter that had misguidedly sided with the escher filth withstood our fiery assault, but alone she could do little to turn the inevitable fate of all traitors
Who were duly rounded up and slaughtered for their unspeakable acts of heresy
With the eschers all but annihilated, Klovis climbed on their damaged transport, and at last broke their spirits blowing it up with a mighty slash of his holy eviscerator.

And lo behold! The heretics fled the Slag Coast leaving the wastes once more in the hands of the faithful, that had -through devotion and sacrifice- cleansed them of the taint of blasphemy, corruption, and the most heinous sin of deviation

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