Saturday 16 July 2022

Wasteland Crusade: smugglers on the run


With the return of Klovis our holy crusade was back on track. After receiving the news that a band of rogue guilders has bypassed the main trade routes and had left the protection of House Helmawr we launched a punitive raid to intercept their convoy and relieve them of their ill gotten wealth, that would be purified and put to good use by the church 
An armoured carrier was our target, protected by two ash runners 
It was then when we neared our prey that Klovis spotted another vehicle, the impudent eschers were also closing on the smugglers to get their sinful hand on the Redemption's blessed bounty
Fearless as ever the Redeemer pushed the throttle of the Pulpitek, challenging the harridants to a race for the prize
Fire rained on the corrupt vehicle of sin, blowing its engine and scattering the cargo in all directions
Eager to earn my master's appreciation I jumped from our armoured temple racing for the loot
Only to be felled by cowardly fire from the she-devils
The Redeemer was quick to avenge such slight, taking the Pulpiteck straight into the foe and ordering holy fire to be unleashed on the idolatresses 
He joined his crusaders in holy slaughter, but the plasma pistol he was wielding betrayed him badly burning his blessed hand
Deacon Deza engaged the foe to win time for the rest of the crusade
That punished the escher with flame and bullet until their band was left in tatters
And with blessed flames were their sinful bodies purged of evil and wickedness, praise be!
After basking in the fiery sun of Redemption the heretics had their fill of deserved punishment, and having recovered one of the crates they turned tail and fled, leaving the field in the hands of the pious

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