Sunday 20 March 2022

The ruins of Primary Hive


The Black Templars land on the bombed out hives, and scrouge the chaos taint from the world
Alpha Legion and World Eaters bulk up the heretic ranks
While Helbrecht and his Sword Brethren lead the sons of Dorn
First into the fray is a crusader squad and the Emperor's Champion
That jump from a drop pod straight into the foe
Helbrecht and Grimaldus lag a bit behind
Alone, the champion defies contemptously the foe
The the chaos terminators teleport into one objective, only to be charged by the victorious crusaders
A squad of bersekers is utterly slaughtered by the champion
The termis evaporate before the sword broter's relic blade

The crusaders then pile up and kill the enemy sorceror
Then Kharn and some cultists charge 
Leaving only the sword brother to fend for himself
Fear not, Helbrecht and his guard come to the rescue and rout the chaos filth
While the Champion takes down the enemy lord tabling the heretic scum

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