Saturday 12 March 2022

The death of Belisar


Exterminatus! The day has come to bring the Emperor's wrath on the traitors, as the battlebarge Light of Purity heads for the hiveworld of Belisar, the heretic population must put their misplaced faith on the chaos fleet. If the Templars reach the world they will destroy all life with virus bombs.
A hulk and two cruisers hang on Belisar's orbit
The Imperium's vengeful fleet
Before the vessels come to grips, the attack craft of both sides dogfights in the middle
A lone fireship is destroyed by a wave of thunderhawks
The templars move around the chaos line, opening up with their macrocannons
As a devastation drifts aflame, the strike cruisers engage the enemy
Concentrated firepower from these small vessels hulks the second cruiser
Finally the battlebarge reaches orbit and unleashes her deadly payload

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