Wednesday 9 March 2022

The defence of Deimos


Chaos resurgent: the forces of the Warmaster take the initiative and attack the forgeworld of Deimos Binary, defended by an impenetrable blockade of imperial vessels
Led by the Eternal Crusader, the Black Templars give no ground
While the Gloriana moves forwards the strike cruisers hide in an asteroid field, waiting for the enemy to come within range of their weapons
Boarding torpedoes soon set an enemy cruiser on fire
Hanging in Deimos' orbit, a dominator cruiser has found the range for her nova cannon, and an awesome explosion rocks the heretical vessel
The chaos hulk and the rest of the fleet weather some long ranged firepower, losing most of their boarding claws to the templar thunderhawks
A second nova shot guts the cruiser for good 
The wreck is fired upon by the Crusader, exploding in an inmense fireball
By now the smaller imperial warships have come out of cover, concentrating all firepower on another devastation cruiser
Removing her from the game
The hulk gets her back on the strike cruisers, destroying one with bombs, lances and assault claws

The ship blows up, showering debris on friend and foe alike
The remaining attack cruisers skirt around the massive rock, deploying on its more vulnerable rear
Crippled, one opts for disengaging and jumps into the warp
Undaunted by the losses, the Crusader burns full retros and smashes into the hulk, causing tons of damage and taking none thanks to her armoured prow
The hulk is brought to half damage soon after, and the game ends in a well fought imperial victory

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