Friday 22 November 2019

Slaver's guild

 In the name of the Holy Emperor I write the story of the Redeemer so his deeds and words can serve as example of faith and fervour to the reader. Klovis heard that the nefarious eschers planned on attacking the slavery guild and so he despatched the crusade to defend it
 Battle began in earnest when one of the faithful was blazed by the she-vipers
 Their leader even had the effrontery of using a blessed bolter to open fire against the righteous forces of redemption
 Some crusaders appeared behind the sinners, but met heavy resistance
 Yet another of our number was dispatched by a hand flamer
 Our casualties mounting, we kept on the fight through the power of zeal
 And so the Emperor rewarded our devotion, as more and more eschers where downed and dispatched
 It was now turn for the deviants to feel holy retribution
 Even the mercenary bounty hunters joined us in the scrouging of the blasphemer

 As battle came to an end we had endured the tides of degeneracy and saved the guild from a dreadful fate at the hands of those impudent viragos
Praise be to Him. through whose providence we bring light, faith to the darkness of the underhive!

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