Thursday 7 November 2019

Mad Dog's Gladiatorium

 Sing O muse the deeds of the pure Klovis. As I was secluded in prayer in our fortress of Redemption I heard a shrill cry pierce my peaceful meditations
 One of the mercs in our employ gave the shout of alarm, we where under attack!
 The nefarious heretics where encroaching on our lighthouse of purity, set on stealing the Emeror's bounty stashed safely in there
 Undaunted by the horde Klovis led the defence, I was first on the ramparts, blowing up one transgressor
 From behind us the Redeemer took careful aim and dropped another sinner
 Alarmed by the sounds of battle brother Deza appeared
 Promptly incinerating the deviants that tried to flank us
 The blessed rain of fire from our trenches laid low yet another escher
 The pious members of the fire guild also flanked the heretics in a cunning manoeuver
 Fearless as ever Klovis came out from the hideout, blasting left and right with his new shotgun
 Brave brother Caspar was blown to bits under the heavy fusillade
 Another of our brothers was shot charging into the maelstrom of fire
 As more and more of the faithful reached us the battle turned, with the arch degenerates caugh between two fires
 The holy flame of Redemption proved once more its worth, scrouging sinners and heretics
 I helped my beloved mentor in dispatching yet another balphemous tramp
Blunted in their criminal purpouse by our resolute defence, the heretics slinked back to the shadows of their shame. Albeit casualties on our side had been low, brother Caspar was blessed with the boon of Martyrdom and fame eternal in the annals ouf our church. As the fame of our crusade spread through the hive more and more holy warriors flocked to our banner.

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