Monday 11 November 2019

Beauty & the beasts

 The corpse guild of Necromunda processes the remains of dead hivers, rendering them into corpse-starch and other useful stuff. The pale consort is the boss of the work detail, with a bone scrivener to keep track of the carcass accounts, two indetured mutants get to do the dirty job of chopping the remains and stowing them away for further processing
The guilder is equipped with a mesh armour bodysuit, laspistol and knife, a respirator mask plus a medi skull to determine the suitability of the bodies
 Recycle for the Greta good!

 Te scrivener is the right hand girl of the consort, waving an ostentatious icon made of priceless wood and gold, wielding a knife for scrapes and a gun skull to blast away

 Finally the corpse grinders round up the gang, these guys are all brawn and no brains!

 They can also LARP as pit fighters for the slaver guild, in that band they are equipped with drug dispensers shown here in the back to keep them in the fight

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