Thursday 14 November 2019

Colonist's Bane

 As our fame spread from the victories in the Hive more and more settlments called for the assitance of  the warriors of the faith, and we departed on an evangelical expedition to the shores of the Rotten river. The Pulpitek, that chariot of redemption, formed our vanguard and was first into the town
 Only to be attacked by a gang of eschers on a  sinful contraption
 But fear not faithful reader for the forces of purity where at hand and launched an assault on the degenerates' blasphemous idol
 Manned by allies from the guild of fire the Pulpitek soon made short work of its foe
 Lo behold! With their attention set on the car battle the vixens had left unguarded their heretical den, and one of the faithful purged their heathen image from existence
 Blasting from the side, a promethium zealot blasted a misguided juve
 Impotent before the force of our belief, the eschers lashed against the crusade
 Causing us but negligible loss
 Their timid attacks came nowhere near our resplendent stronghold, slackenign fire putting brother Neroscis out of combat
 Seeing the battle all but won I led the last charge against the forces of darkness
 With a satisfying crunch another deviant was put out of her miserly life
 I brandished my axe against one of the heathens, crippling her wile a guild zealot finished the job
 Dreading the odds stacked againt them, the sinners turned tail, leaving us in control of the battlefield
Glory be to the Emperor, our holy relic was kept safe during the battle
Having witnessed the power of the one true faith, the settlers recieved us with open arms, lavishing offerings and blessings on the warriors of salvation

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