Saturday 28 March 2015

First siege of Pouia

 After defeating the fleet in orbit, the titans of the legio Metalica land to retake the hiveworld from the hands of their hated legio Metalica cousins
 The scenario is planetary invasion, with just one defender titan beginning in the board

 The first imperial titan shows of and takes hold of two of the three objectives 
 Followed closely by another warlord
 The legio mortis losses some shields but holds on
 The reamaining Mortis engine flanks the two imperial warlords
 Destroying one with a vortex warhead
 The imperials get their revenge destroying the first Mortis warlord
 Hastly the princeps turns to face the remaining enemy
 Who blows his shields with the weapons battery
And destroys it with the remaining missile.

Chaos victory then, who keeps the planet. Our next secenario will see the chaos fleet trying to dree the planet from the imperial blockading starships.

In the experience phase the surviving chaos titan recieved four experience points, the first metalica engine two and the rest just one each.

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