Monday 30 March 2015

Breaking the Blocade

 With smaller fleets (to ease playing) the campaign goes on, the imperials have to sneak some transports full of troops into the hiveworld of Pouia in this convoy scenario
 The imperial fleet moves to port, leaving one bait ship to starboard
 The chaos hulk turns to starboard and fires ineffectualy
 However, one transport fails her roll to burn retros and smashes into some torpedoes, dying awkwardly

 The imperial fleet moves all ahead while launching fighters to hold off the chaos bombers
 The hulk moves in close pursuit, destroying another transport
 But the transports sprint ahead
 While the cruisers attempt to bar the pass of the hulk
 The chaos warlord realizes that his "ship" is falling behind and orders all ahead full

But to no avail, since three transports reach the table edge deploying enough forces to contest the planet in a forthcoming land battle.

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