Wednesday 4 March 2015

Assault on Metalica

Today we started the metallica campaign, wich combines epic and BFG. In order to claim a planet you have to defeat first the fleet in orbit and then the army below.
The chaos-orks of the "komon-wealth" installed in the hiveworld of Pouia face the Legio Metallica in the forgeworld, the pirate "komon-wealth" got the initiative and attacked Metallica with their fleet.
 Planetary landing scenario! The chaos has a hulk, while the orks have lots of roks, the empire has a pair of dicators, one dominator, a frigate, a space dock and the dreaded nemeis carrier. Chaos and orks have a warlord each, with the campaign "commander" providing his extra re-roll aboard the hulk.
 The imperials deploy in geostationary orbit around the forgeworld
 Lots of ordnance in the void

 The first imperial starhawks squadron reach one of the transports, but is destroyed by the defence turrets

 Its comrades finish the job in the next turn however
 Another transport is blown by two squadrons
 The orks don't move while the imperials launch wave after wave from safe distance
 With the obvious results

 transport after transport fall
The lone frigate is killed by torpedoes however 

 Even more starhawks prey upon one of the two remaining transports

And the battle ends as the chaos-orks concede
The imperials respond in kind attacking the hiveworld of their enemies, wich will be our next battle, a planetary landing too with the positions reversed.

In the campaign phase some ships increased their leadership, and both commanders asked for reinforcements wich were promptly delivered in the shape of four sword frigates for the imperials and a terror ship for the orcs.

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