Wednesday 7 February 2024

Wasteland Workshop: Necromunda war rig

Fury Road was IMO the best movie of 2015, and I always wanted to pay it a little homage in my wargames. Back then I wasn't in the necro scene yet, but I painted a bunch of epic battlewagons in the colours of the war boys. This year a new George Miller movie is coming out, and I felt that it was time to get my very own war rig, to die historic in the Ash Wastes.
The model itself is made from an imperial guard taurox and a munitorum container, with 3D printed wheels and undercarriage. The rear turret is made from a spare taurox bit and a proteus lascannon
This is also my first magnetized model, with no less than eight 3x 10mm magnets holding the container and lascannon turret in place, this way I can remove them to use as scenery

Without the container the locomotive can be used as a regular taurox or even an arbites riot wagon, I'm thinking on adding some rockets to the back to make it a katiusha-like manticore for 40K

The front gun can also be swapped for a multi laser, that can be played as a mining laser using the Necromunda 17 rulebook
The back of the cab was covered up with a cardboard panel, heavily detailed with a shotgun, a water tank and other bits and bobs essential for those long desert rides
I painted the crewmen in a judge dredd uniform like my arbites

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