Monday 5 February 2024

The Hall of Ancestors


Hear now yea faithful the deeds of Klovis, Redeemer of Necromunda and punisher of  deviation!
It was he, most blessed among men, who led us to victory on the Temenos Crusade, a holy march through the ash wastes that culminated with the awakening of the Lost Saint, and the fall of the corrupt house of Helmawr as planetary overlords!
After such a glorious triumph the erstwhile imperial house scattered to the toxic winds fleeing our holy wrath, and the forces of the Redemption launched a righteous pursuit that saw the heretics scourged on the deeps below hive Secundus
The vile eschers had spread their vile poisons and heinous chems on the innocent populace of that sunken nexus of industry...
Such cancerous growth on the body of Necromunda couldn't be left to fester, and as ever blessed Klovis was ready to smite the heretics with the full force of the Emperor's wrath
And so advanced the ranks of the faithful, with guns blazing and a prayer on their lips
The spineless eschers hid their corrupt bodes behind pipes and machinery, springing a cowardly ambush that felled brother Kiodrus
But by such vile trick was their presence revealed, and the flamers of the crusade engulfed the sinners with the righteous heat of purification, praise be!

The Redeemer spearheaded the assault, burning the enemy demagogue to a crisp with the Sword of Purification, but he in turn was brought low by enemy fire
But the Master of Mankind was watching that day over his chosen paladin, and the offending weapon exploded in a miraculous fireball, a most fitting punishment for such unforgivable sin
While my mentor was taken off the field I continued with his ingenious plan, launching a right flank attack with the bulk of the crusade that soon saw the eschers lose hear and rout
Leaving the Hall of Ancestors firmly in the hands of the Redemption

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