Monday 26 February 2024

Imperial preacher


The Adeptus Ministorum is a warrior cult, so it's not unheard for many priests to take up arms and join the faithful in the myriad wars that Mankind fights against its foes. This 1992 model is one such preacher, armed to the teeth with chainsword, laspistol and lasgun, also carrying on its back many texts and pamphlets to bring the Emperor's light to the ignorant masses.
The mini showed up first in the sisters of battle range of 2nd edition, so I opted for a vintage paintjob, including the iconic hazard stripes so popular back then
The backpack is full of stuff: a holy relic, water bottle and some holy texts, all tied together with rope and faith in the Emperor!
The big scroll-pole wasn't originally part of the miniature but is rather an ingenious conversion taken from inquisitor Karamazov's Throne of Judgement

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