Wednesday 23 December 2020

Heraclea: Pyrros vs Rome


Rounding up the year with an ancient battle: Rome versus king Pyrros of Epirus and his tarentine allies
The legions move in line, while the greeks form a crescent, protocannae?
The roman left wheels to face the outnumbering cavalry in front
Clash of blades! Oscans annihilate the latin velites
The roman left cavalry is bloodily repulsed
And eventually, routed
The legions contact the greeks, pikemen and elefants lagging behind
The tarentine hoplites are destroyed
Oscans too
The central legions smash into the phalanx, wiping it out utterly
In the right, the roman riders have somehow survived against Pyrros and his elite companions
But they're eventually killed
The greek cavalry now falls upon the unprotected roman rear

Finally the tarentine cavalry is routed, pushing the greeks over their morale threshold and winning the day for the Urbs

1 comment:

  1. Great looking game Francesc. Lovely 1/72 figures too!
    Regards, James