Wednesday 9 December 2020

Charter Point


The federals have been finally cornered in Jacksonville, now the rebs move against Charter Point to isolate the town from the sea.
The northern fortifications look really strong
From the St Johns river a federal gunboat gives covering fire
Man the guns men!
Successive waves of confederates will attack the entrenchments
The reels lose no time, and close speedily on the enemy line
A deadly firefight erupts on the wood in the federal right
Under sustained fire, some southerners flee, but there are always more
Led by their colonel, a second and third waves of greycoats march towards the foe
A crashing volley erases half the federal unit
And a charge wipes out the remains
In the center a lone rebel unit snipes out yanks with aimed volleys
One of the respawned units fires on the gunboat

Killing two sailors by rolling double six twice!

In the other side of the battlefield, the confederates have taken two objectives
Skirting the riverside bombardment, more rebels march into the field

A valiant charge clears yet another redoubt of defenders
Winning the day
Albeit loosely based on the city class ironclads, the gunboat ended up looking like the CSS Arkansas