Wednesday 30 December 2020

Bailén 1808


To top off the year we have a napoleonic game, the battle of Bailén, featuring the two armies pinted during lockdown
While the spaniards send two flanking divisions ahead, the french advance in line
The crappy spanish cavalry retreats from the chasseurs
On y va! French dragoons dare the gauntlet of fire to take out the guns
More spanish militia appears on the field, while the french keep their steady advance
The first french reinforcements also march into the field, a swiss division marching in column
In the right, both cavalry divisions charge, starting up a long combat
Generals Castaños and Prive are the first victims of this clash

In the left the french ligne advances, impervious to the ragged spanish fire
The french musketry proves far more effective
The chasseurs are surprisingly repulsed
The confident imperials charge the enemy
But are also pushed back, pas le jour de l'arme blanche, says géneral Dupont

The last french unit marhes into the field, the fabled marines de la Garde no less!
The swiss and artillery open up a devastating fire on the enemy
The combat in the right ends with the spanish routed, but the mauled french are too damaged to be of any more use during the battle
In the center, the french infantry mercilessly pounds the milita with their muskets
Another volley destroys the spaniards in the left

The sailors kill off the last militiamen
With both spanish flanks anihilated, Dupont moves to take on the defenders of Bailén
The swiss take over an ungarrisoned building
The battery bombards the waloon guard in the village
Concentrated fire takes down many guards
And a final crashing volley routs them
The last spanish unit goes out in a blaze of glory, charging the swiss from the cottage
But are taken in the rear by the dragoons and massacred
The battle ends in a resounding french victory. Vive l'Empereur!

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