Wednesday 25 November 2020

Marching through Florida


 After being repulsed from Jaksonville, the confederation pulled back to the outskirts. Thanks to the new reinforcements recently disembarked, the union goes back on the offensive, launching plundering raids into the southern plantations

 Northern guns open the ball
 Answered by a devastating confederate fire
 That sends the bluebellies packing
The yankees open fire, while two units go for the leftmost farm
Protected by a forest, the grey line answers volley by volley
The rebel reinforcements show up behind the federals, firing on their tyrannical backs
And destroying two units
Quick to answer, the union right turns inwards and anihilates the greycoats
 That run away
More confederate reinforcements appear, charging into the fray
The combat is tied up, but the greater rebel numbers will soon start to tell
In the farm, billy yank has stolen the first plunder of the day
A lone invader is gunned down
Unwilling to let good virginian tobacco go, the confederates recapture the loot and rout the linconites
The lone union survior runs for his life
Cute loot markers painted for the day