Sunday 29 November 2020



Got my first game of 9th edition the other day, a simple 50pl bash, pitting the ghastly World Eaters against the glorious knight of Cervaria
Baddies got fitst turn, nuking an armiger with the fellblade
Next turn my lancer slams into the badly damaged tank, leaving it with only 3 wounds remaining
The remaining armiger performs apallingly bad versus the surviving predator
The fellblade falls back while the marines prepare to charge
Shooting takes out most wounds from the towering knight, but it has enough strength left to step gingerly on the poor enemy warlord, that is crushed to a paste
In my second turn, the rest of the foes is wiped out, the crusader blows up the fellblade, and the armigar finishes off the predator

All in all 9th seems to be the edition of tanks and vehicles

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