Saturday 27 April 2019

Battle of Ancona

 In this ancient battle the forces of the republic under consul Atilius Vulsco face the nefarious epeirote invaders commanded by that sellsword, Pyrrus
 Pyrrus leds his elite companions
While Atilius commands a roman legion 
 The romans move against the enemy left
 Companions and tarentines move forward
 Equites clash against light italians
 Routing them from the field
 The Legions move ponderously forwards
 An ill concieved move spreads confusion through the ranks
 While the companions charge
 And are pushed back
 Another charge of the cavalry kills some romans
 Some cretan archers are run down
 The combat against the companions become a slow grind, with the epeirotes having the upper hand

 The left equites destroy a second unit of peltasts

 The tarentine cavalry is caught between the equites and a legion and destroyed

 However a legion is also routed by Pyrros
 Two legions led by Vulsco charge the phalanx. destroying one half
 The unstoppable companions smash the depleted equites, these guys are tough as nails!
 Fruitless roman attempts to destroy the cavaliers

 The romans have a slight edge and with a final impetus, Atilius Vulsco rallies his men and destroys the last phalangites, winning thus the game
Boy, was it close...

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