Wednesday 19 December 2018

Wasteland clash

 After watching Mortal Engines this Monday I really wanted to play some game with huge machines battling it out, so it was time to take titanicus out. In this game the rebels of legio Mortis had to kill enemy engines to win points whereas the loyalists had to kill the most expensive enemy titan, Manus Mortis
 Both sides deployed in two lines
 The battle would revolve around a gigantic plasma cannon
 While three traitors engaged frontally a fourth circled around
 After a first turn of concentrated fire Manus Mortis lost all its shields
 Cannily the traitor princeps ran for cover, denying the enemy their objective
 Imperius Damnatio opened fire at long range with its blasters and volcano
 The rest of Metalica aimed at the fleeing engine
 Next turn the titan ws hidden safely behind the plasma generators covered by Tantus Abolitorus who lost all its shields under the vengeful loyalist barrage
 sneaky sneaky

 Abolitorus had a close encounter with death when Galgamech missed with its wrecking ball
 Next turn Mortis sticked some weapons out of cover to fire at Imperius Tenebrus
Princeps Pentecost opened up at the dodgy titan, almost blowing up its legs.
We rolled and the game ended there, with a close loyalist victory 6-5 thanks to quadrant control
It's the best movie of the year! What are you waiting for?


  1. fabulous. Love seeing AT out on the table.

  2. Indeed! I'm all for titanicus nowadas, 30k not so much...