Wednesday 12 December 2018

Saving priest Ryan

 The notorious confederate spy father Ryan has been aprehended by the forces of the union and is being held in the ruined red roofed house. The confederates must extract him by the other edge of the field trough the enemy army.
 A piket of unionists guards the prisioner
 Launching a rebel yell the confederates rush the house
 Bayonetting all but two of the guards
 The bulk of yanks shows up on the middle of the field, shooting their rifled muskets
 A shocked survivor runs for dear life
 Colonel Mcpherson leds the remaining unionists into battle at the sound of the gun
 He forms most of his command into a mass of troops 
 Concentrated fire blews away the reb artillery
 However the southerners return with a devastating volley that leaves the body of troops ragged and retreating in confusion
 Yankee officers try to restablish order in vain
Finally the union gun has seen enough and retreats from the field, reducinng the nordist morale to zero and winning the battle for the southerners. Yeeha!
yank vs reb

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